Thursday, December 07, 2006

Arrest made in assault on Terrier athletes

This afternoon, the Globe reports one arrest in the Dec. 3 assault on four BU athletes which left Kevin Schaeffer with serious injuries including broken facial bones...Tuesday's Daily Free Press report extensively quotes Coach Parker and several eyewitnesses to the assault...INCH's weekly HE report addresses the incident, too, and also reveals that the proposed outdoor game at Fenway is still under consideration.

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CDRAL said...

A most despicable attack indeed. Did get a chance to wish Sean and Kevin well in the Bavis box at the PC game. My guess is that the prosecutors/police will squeeze info out of the first guy arrested to get the other suspects.

Concerns: Hooded sweatshirts. If case goes to trial will victims be able to ID assailants?

Female lacrosse player Lauren Morton may have saved Sully after he was assaulted and knocked unconscious. She evidently pulled him out of harm's way as the assailants were prepared to bash him again and she herself was hit with a bat or other object breaking her jaw.

Our prayers should be with all four for a speedy and full recovery.

This is the kind of situation where PTSD can result as well.


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