Thursday, February 08, 2007


The eight ties thus far this season have frustrated BU fans as well as the coaches and players since most of those games were very winnable. Two came against last-place Lowell. If BU registers one more tie this season, it will equal the school’s all-time record of nine in 2003-04.

In the ten years that Jack Kelley coached the Terriers (‘62-‘63 through ‘71-‘72), they played just eight ties in 294 games (2.7%) By comparison, during the Parker era, BU has played 92 ties in 1,232 games (7.5%)

BU’s longest streak of games without a tie? 100 tie-less games covering more than three years during the Kelley stewardship. After tying New Brunswick twice to open the ‘63-‘64 season (games against Canadian school were not exhibitions at the time), the Terriers played their remaining 22 games without a tie that season. The ‘64-’65 season (25-6-0) and ’65-’66 season (27-8-0) were played without any ties, nor were there any deadlocks in the first twelve games of the ’66-’67 season. The streak ended with the most famous tie in BU hockey history: a double-overtime tie with Cornell (anchored by Ken Dryden) in the Boston Arena Christmas Tournament on December 30. It was the only tie that season (25-5-1) which concluded when BU and Cornell met for the NCAA title. The Big Red won that one, 4-1.

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