Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Freshman Reviews

Terrier Blogger asked me to share some thoughts on the performance of the Terrier freshmen during the BU - UNH game, so here goes:

Wilson - I was impressed with his size and strength, which equated to strong play along the boards. He showed poise with the puck and a hint of that Drury-like determination to get the puck back when he lost it. He was strong on faceoffs, including several that went right back to the defenseman behind him. He wasn't as "fleet of foot" as I had hoped, but the pros outweigh the cons heavily. He was arguably the best forward on the ice for BU.

Bonino - He looked comfortable, but didn't stand out, other than his nice move coming down the slot (next time, shoot it earlier, Nick). I noticed him falling once with nobody around, so basically, he looked exactly as advertised. I could see him becoming a Steve Thornton play-alike.

Periera - Nothing fancy, but didn't look out of place. Took a charging call while delivering a big check. Liked his energy.

Shattenkirk - He didn't stand out but made some good decisions on the PP and displayed offensive potential. Made the highlight reel for the wrong reasons (JVR's sweet goal), but I suspect the UNH winger will make many defensemen look silly this season. I wasn't overly impressed with Kevin, but I expect to be before long.

Cohen - I was pleasantly surprised with Colby's play in his own end. He kept his composure under pressure and generally made good decisions. Also looked ready to take control offensively when needed (he can learn a lot watching Gilroy).

Here's hoping that the USNDTP alumni play well for their old host families in Ann Arbor this weekend! And hopefully, Shattenkirk will remind the Wolverine fans why they wanted him so badly.

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