Friday, February 29, 2008

By the Numbers: Statistical Oddities

Anyone taking a quick glance at their record could see that the Terriers are at an even .500 (14-14-4) at this point in the season. What many might not realize is just how even the results have been.

Going into this weekend, they are:
.500 at home (6-6-1)
.500 away (6-6-3)
.500 at neutral sites (2-2-0)
.500 in OT (2-2-4)

What some fans considered to be the low-point of the season was the team's 4-10-2 record heading into winter break at the bottom of the league standings. Since then, the Terriers have earned a mirror of that record with a 10-4-2 effort, lifting them to second in the league, 16th in the polls and 16th in the Pairwise, which models the method used to determine the entrants for the 16-team national tournament.

They are also coming off a one-game winning streak for the sixth time in six games, the longest such active skein in the country.

The journey from "off the radar" to "on the bubble" has certainly been fun to watch. At this rate, the next step could be "in the tourney". But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's another one-game streak to shoot for.

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