Thursday, May 14, 2009

Five rings

Blog contributor CDRAL has been a Terrier fan since the mid-1960s and closely connected to the program for four decades, first as a team manager and later as an alumni leader. He was present for each of the five national championship victories and rarely misses a home game. Few can boast a better knowledge of BU hockey history. As such, he enjoys a unique vantage point enabling him to look back on all five championship seasons:

People continue to speculate as to where this season's championship team ranks amongst the other four NCAA title winners. Each team commends itself for various reasons. I tend to be partial in terms of the first two title winners as I am most familiar with the dynamics of those two squads. I make no judgments, but set forth some of the key points regarding all of the teams. One interesting dynamic is that each of the five teams had quality offense, solid defense, good goaltending and the many solid workmanlike players whose efforts may not have been reflected on score sheets but were valuable throughout the season. Full post...

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