Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lace ‘em up

Captain’s practices began Monday for the Terriers--another marker of the fast-approaching season. As always, there are questions to be answered about the team.
-Who will be the surprise player who emerges this season?
-Did Chris Higgins add some strength and weight over the summer?
-Which freshman are ready for prime time duty?
-And, of course, is this club talented enough to repeat as HE champs and then take the next step in the NCAA’s and reach the FF in St. Louis?

Jack Parker spent his Sunday evening in Stouffville watching 2008 recruit Corey Trivino (See Sept. 2 post) in the Spirits season opener. The ’90 left-shot center scored a goal in his club’s 5-3 win.

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Defkit said...

Some strong comments on the Stoufville (sp?) site about Trivino, calling him one of the most prestigious catches in their history.

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