Wednesday, September 20, 2006

World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band “Plays” Agganis

One of our readers noticed a Boston Herald report that this past Monday air condition/air quality problems forced the Rolling Stones to move a rehearsal session to the friendlier confines of Agganis Arena. One would guess they used the large club room for the session, which Mick Jagger skipped.

But imagine if Coach Quinn or Coach Bavis had been showing a visiting recruiting around Agganis: "Here is our video theater we're we review game tapes. And this is Mike Boyle's state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility. And (matter-of-factly) the racket you hear from our Club Room is The Rolling Stones. They practice here, too. "

We don’t foresee “Satisfaction” replacing the Peter Gunn Theme anytime soon, but having to kill a series of 2-man disadvantages might result in a “Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown.”

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