Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Looking back

Think back to BU's last national championship team in 1995. The netminding chores, you'll recall, were shared by senior Derek Herlofsky and freshman Tom Noble. But who was the Terriers third goalie? It was Shawn Ferullo, who played just 55 minutes in eight games during his career. Today, Ferullo, a family physician in South Boston, is one of three former BU athletes who became physicians and now are involved with BU sports again, as described in the current edition of Bostonia.

Terrier trivia: besides Ferullo, which four players have worn uniform number 1 since 1990? We'll post the answer later this week.


Will Titus said...

Stephan Siwiec is one.

GoTerriers said...

I can only come up with 3, including Ferullo . . .

Scott Cashman (89/90-92/93)
Shawn Ferullo (93/94 - 97/98)
Stephen Siwiec (02/03 - 05/06)

#1 has never been worn by a non-goaltender and the gap between Ferullo and Siwiec is covered by Jason Tapp (#83), Andy Warren (#39), Sean Fields (#31), Rick Dipietro (#29) and the current guys, Curry (#36), Bennett (#31) and Karson Gillespie (#29)

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