Friday, January 19, 2007

Trivia Answer

Question: Besides Ferullo, which four players have worn uniform number 1 since 1990?

goterriers came up with two of them--Stephen Siwiec and Scott Cashman. The other two were a bit more obscure. During the 98-99 season, the team's third goalie was David Magid, who never skated in a game. If I recall correctly, he transferred to a D3 school. The fourth goalie was Ian Arrougheti, who was a practice squad goalie during the 97-98 season when BU had just two netminders, Tom Noble and Michel Larocque, on the roster. When Noble suffered a leg injury, Arrougheti dressed as the backup to Larocque for several games and, like Magid, did not get into a game. Googling Magid reveales little information, but Arrrougheti is still actively stopping pucks in a Southern California adult league.

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