Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Trivia

BU was a participant in three of the 30 longest games in NCAA history. If the list went to 35, it probably would be 4 of 35. The 1991 triple overtime loss to Northern Michigan in the NCAA championship just missed making the list at 81:57. BU has won only one of the three games on the list. What game was it and who scored the GWG? No fair looking at the list before submitting an answer.

Second question. This week’s Hockey East Online report notes that BU has not lost at home to the same team on consecutive days since Nov. 20-21, 1992. Who was the opponent? That season BU had a 3-4-1 record after eight games before going 26-5-1 in the next 32, reaching the NCAA semifinals.


defkit said...

Anyone wondering how a triple OT game could not be on the top 30 should know that as the 81 minutes suggests, this game as really a double OT game, with the game winning goal coming early in what really should be called the second OT. But the game featured 10 minute OTs after which teams changed sides, and has always been referred to as a 3OT game.

- The 4 OT playoff NCAA loss against St. Laurence must be near the top of the list.
- How about the loss to Providence in game 3 of the quarterfinals, forget the year, but I think 2001, the last time we didn't make it to the Garden.
- As for the one we were victorious in, perhaps Justin Maiser vs. BC in 2003?

I'll check now...

Terrier Blogger said...

Nice work, defkit, you've got all three that made the top 30 list. And yes, the one win was Justin Maiser's most shining moment as a Terrier. He knotted the game up in the third period and won it in double OT. IIRC, Maiser also had the GWG in the Beanpot as freshman.

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