Friday, July 06, 2007

From the message boards

An observer at Penguins conditioning camp (where Brian Strait was told he was the best conditioned player in camp) posted these comments:

Strait is a gem... he looked quite good again in game situations yesterday, but didn't get to throw the body a whole lot as I assume they were told not to do too much of that, but you can tell that he uses his body very very effectively and looks very strong when pinning guys against the boards... he was good with his stick as well and didn't get beat on anything. He even showed that offensive skill again, making some nifty passes and scoring a few very nice goals, but as I said before, he seems to play a safe game and at the NHL level, I see more of a defensive defender (unless he works on his offense some more & becomes willing to take a chance or two, which he would project as a two-way defender).
We've not yet seen any evaluations of Eric Gryba's performance at Senators' camp, but an Ottawa fan has posted video (and more video) showing Gryba (#61 in black) in action. His team won the Sens' 3-on-3 competition.

And, in the professional ranks, a heatbroken Sabres fan posted this assessment of Chris Drury on a Rangers' message board:
You're going to love having Chris Drury in Ranger Blue. This man is the epitome of an unselfish hockey player. He's battle-tested, grizzled, and has a flair for the dramatic.He's a hockey player that can't do anything to a team besides make it better, regardless of what you pay him (though you're paying him an awful lot). He scores big goals at clutch moments as you witnessed first-hand, and he's a great penalty killer. His offensive numbers are present, as is his two-way game. Any way you look at it, the signing is a great one for the Rangers.He'll blend in in NY, where he won't have to worry about taking the spotlight with guys like Jags and Gomer there, which is the way Dru likes it.

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