Monday, September 03, 2007

BU Hockey Alumni Golf - Canada Style

On September 14,15,16, 2007, a good number of former Terrier players and coaches will gather in Toronto for a golf tournament. It is anticipated that both Jack Kelley and Jack Parker will attend.

The purpose is to establish a branch of the BU Hockey Alumni in Canada and reconnect not only the former players with their teammates and players from all eras, but to also generate enthusiasm for the BU Hockey prgram in terms of support both financial and in visits to Agganis Arena. Prime organizers of the tournament, banquet and surrounding events are Darrell Abbott '69 and Joe Meehan '72. Mark Fennie '70 of Buffalo, NY is assisting as well.

I began BU Hockey Alumni (as a small e-mail list) originally to stay in contact with players from the teams I managed between 1968-72. I provide e-mail updates to the list as the season goes on and BU has allowed me to use the official BU site reports of the away games to keep members abreast. One thing led to another, the list grew, and we now have players from the 50's to the present in the US, Canada, and Europe. The list is also used to inform former players of social events involving BU Hockey such as the annual Friends of Hockey Golf Tournament as well as news about teammates and coaches.

The list was used to reach many of the former players who returned to help celebrate the opening of the Agganis Arena. Each year former players return for their first visit to the facility and are just overwhelmed by the atmosphere and facilities. A far cry from the spartan Boston Arena and what was once the "state of the art" Walter Brown Arena, both of which hold fond memories for me and many others.

Those who have had the honor of wearing the scarlet sweater are part of a continuum that began a century ago. Each a link from the past to the present. We have a storied tradition replete with National Championships, Eastern Titles, and numerous Beanpots. Our players have been Olympic medalists, Stanley Cup Champions, and WHA winners. They have been just as successful off the ice in a variety of professions. All are united by having worn the scarlet and white of the Terriers. Another interesting aspect is that most of our members have played for two coaches, Jack Kelley and Jack Parker, others were teammates of each of these men, and some played for both men.

Solid support for BU Hockey can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The involvement of yesterday's players with today's program can pay numerous benefits and help return the program to the levels it enjoyed in the late 60's 70's and 90's when it was always a national contender.

I'm grateful to Darell, Joe, and Mark for picking up this ball (or should I say puck) and running with it.


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