Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It was quite a weekend for former Terrier assistant coach Bob Crocker. More than fifty former BU players and other friends gathered on Cape Cod to celebrate their longtime friend with golf, good food and great memories. Then, on Monday night, the Los Angeles Kings, for whom Bob scouts the Northeast, won their first-ever Stanley Cup, eliminating New Jersey in six games.

Darrell Abbott, a BU blueliner in the late 1960s, organized the Cape Cod event, with assistance from Friends of BU Hockey President Paul Giandomenico, a member of BU’s back-to-back national championship squads (1971 + 1972). Along with the tributes delivered by those in attendance, there were many e-mails of thanks and praise from those too distant to join the festivities.

Others in attendance were, Fred Bassi, Mike Bavis, Bob Brown, Toot Cahoon, Vic Conte, John Cooke,  Dick DeCaprio, Art Dunphy, Bill Fenwick,  Glen Gama, Paul Giandomenico, Brian Gilmour, John Grady, Bill Hanson, Chris Henes, Billy Hinch, Terry Kirby, Joe Malletta, Steve McBride, Jim McCann, Pete McLachlan, Rich McLachlan, Bob Murray, Dennis O'Connell, Mike O'Connell, Jack Parker, Ray Payne, Buddy Powers, Bill Riley, Joe Robillard, Tom Ross, Paul Stewart, Steve Stirling, Jim Todaro, Dave Walko, Jimmy Wood, and Peter Yetten.

                A signed photograph was presented to Coach Crocker.

                                            Non-stop storytelling at the tables.

Two former Terriers on the Kings’ scouting staff, Mark Mullen (top) and Steve Greeley (bottom), were on the ice at the Staples Center Monday night, celebrating with the Stanley Cup.  The BU-Kings connections.


► Blogger Matt Dressens has prepared a season highlights video of the 2011-12 Terrier season. We’ve also added it to our list a video highlights for that season in the sidebar.

Looking back
The Dallas Stars are not shy about predicting a big upside for Alex Chiasson, who signed with the Stars followed the 2011-2012 season.  Dallas management has taken notice of the Quebec native’s physical maturation and decidedly improved skating following his three seasons as a Terrier. SB Nation’s Defending Big D suggests that the power forward will eventually play at 220 pounds.

Rules changes for next season allow college hockey's conferences to adopt a 4-on-4 overtime format and also make hand passes in the defensive zone illegal.

 Chris Dilks of the Western Hockey blog offers an analysis of what is the fastest route to the NHL: college hockey or major junior.


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