Thursday, October 26, 2006

Best Walk-on??

A thread on the USCHO messageboard asks about each school’s top walk-on players. Several Terriers come to mind, beginning with current goalie John Curry and the versatile Matt Gilroy. Matt Radoslovich was a rare unrecruited walk-on who made the team and was an important contributor. Others include Ken Rausch, a member of the 1995 NCAA title team, Mike Grier, also on the 94-95 squad and an All-American, and Doug Friedman, who captained the Terriers in 93-94 and later had a cup of coffee in the NHL. Keith Emery was a walk-on defenseman who had a few solid season on the BU blueline. Are we missing any who were major contributors. Who were your own favorites and why?


srsterrier said...

As posted on uscho, Ed Ronan was a walk-on who played a vital role on two final four teams at BU.

Unknown said...

Tommi Degerman was a productive walk on, but Matt Gilroy will forever be the to walk on in BU history. I played with him on the Walpole Stars and he is one of the hardest working players I've ever had the pleasure to play with. No offers from any D1 program, but he still refused to believe he wasn't a D1 caliber player! A parent of another player on our team (we will call him Mr.X) is very well connected in the hockey world. He even coach's a team in the Top Gun summer league, that is arguably the top summer league in the country if not the world (countless pros, D1, and gifted high schoolers)! Mr.X called Jack Parker and got Matt a try out. He was moved back to defense and as they say "the rest was history...". By the his sophomore year he was getting a regular shift as one of the teams to defenseman.... And by his senior year he was captain,hobey Baker winner, led his team to the top of the nation standings, and was one of the reasons they win the NCAA title!! After BU he almost strictly played in the NHL his first year and was signed to a large rookie contact. I know every BU fan knows the story but it is just another amazing success story of what type of player the BU program Durys. Easily in the top three amazing stories of BU players (Chris Dury winning in everything he ever did, not just the championships at every level of hockey (little league world series), Travis Roy's eleven seconds, JP McKersie's returning to the team after having series brain damage(most people would have been in a vegetative state for the rest of their lives!), Rizzo's Miracle on Ice, or Mike Grier walking on and becoming one of the best players to ever don the Scarlet and White!

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