Thursday, October 26, 2006

Recruit controversy

BU 2007 recruit defenseman Colby Cohen reportedly has left the NTDP U18 program and is seeking to relocate to a USHL team. The story has been reported for several days on USHR, a subscription site.

It appears Cohen, who was among the U18s’ top scorers earlier this year and had a strong Select 17 tournament during the summer, was not happy about his icetime. The USHR reports say BU wanted him to stay with the NTDP and had persuaded him not to leave the program last Spring. The report also indicates friction between Cohen and some of his teammates.

In a article we’d previously referenced, U18 coach Ron Rolston praised Cohen’s ability, but questioned his decision-making. Another defenseman on the squad, Dave Kolamaitis, who had been a UNH recruit, left the team during the summer for the OHL. Two seasons ago, two players (Mike Stuart and Chris Cahill) left the Rolston-coached U18 team in midseason. USHR also reports that Cohen still plans to play at BU next season. We’ll report further on this matter as more facts become available.

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