Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Does Spang Know the Way to San Jose?

Former BU defenseman Dan Spang, an All American his senior season, was recently sent to the AHL Worcester Sharks after a strong showing in San Jose training camp. So, his minor league career continues (he played briefly in Cleveland last spring) on the same ice, the DCU Center, where his college career ended.

But his stay in Worcester may be short-lived. Spang has already impressed Worcester coach Roy Sommer, who said in a article: "“He’s got a lot of leadership qualities. He sees the ice real well, he’s got a lot of hockey sense, he plays a lot bigger than he is, can shoot a puck, run a power play. He’s going to log a lot of minutes here -- I’d be surprised if he was here all year. Some players you say might take a year or so to mature and be ready to play in the National Hockey League, but he’s a kid that I think is on the fast track to get there.”

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