Friday, October 06, 2006

Recruiting News--A Pair of W's

In today's Research on Ice, Paul Shaheen reports:

"The USHL held its Futures Draft two days ago. The first overall pick? Ohio selected 2008 Boston College recruit Jimmy Hayes, a star forward with the US NTDP in Ann Arbor. Second was Cushing Academy defenseman and 2008 Boston University recruit David Warsofsky.

"We found it interesting that Omaha selected both Warsofsky (in round one) and Cushing's Matt White (Five Good Minutes, ROI July 11, 2006) in round three. Interesting in that White is being watched closely by coach Jack Parker and the Terriers. Could Warsofsky and White both follow in each other's footsteps--from Cushing to Omaha to Commonwealth Avenue?"

THFB reported on Sept.13 that White and Warsofsky's Cushing and GBL Jr. Bruins(AAA Midget) teammate, Ryan Bourque, had recently visited BU.

Results of the USHL futures draft. Nobles forward Andrew Glass who is being recruited by BU, BC and Harvard, was taken in the 10th round.


kwirf said...

What's "THFB?"

Terrier Blogger said...

Terrier Hockey Fan Blog. Right where you're reading this. Considering the e-mail address for the blog, I should have written THFBlog.

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