Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Night with the Friars

BU-PC is tonight's game and game notes are up along with a link for gametracker and Webcasts (audio and video). According to the Free Press, Coach Parker has tweaked the lines again.
Lawrence Mac Arthur Ewing
Roche Higgins Gilroy
McGuirk Popko Weston
Cohen McCarthy Thomassian

Lawrence has yet to find the back of the net this season, Mac has gone a while without scoring and Boomer is just back. Terriers' scoring slump could be relieved if this trio finds some chemistry.

Once again Steve Smolinsky is not in the lineup. A few years ago, BU outbid Michigan State, Colorado College and a few Hockey East rivals for Smolinsky's commitment, following a standout performance in the Midget Nationals. He brought a reputation for outstanding speed and solid offensive skills. Why hasn't he earned more starts in his year-plus in the program? What's holding him back? Has he been willing to pay the price in the defensive end?

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