Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Can you identify these standout Massachusetts products who all went on to lengthy NHL careers? The photo is from their participation at the NECDL College Showcase Tournament some twenty years ago. The 21st NECDL event took place this past weekend.

Clue: Three Terriers and an Eagle.


Z-Brilliance said...

Sad, but I don't know which Terriers they are.

But the guy on the left is BC Eagle Billy Guerin.

Terrier Blogger said...

That's correct. One down, three to go.

Defkit said...

Are you sure that's Guerin? Looks alot more like Marty McGinnis to me, though I'm not sure if McGinnis was a Massachusetts guy. Left to right looks like McEachern, Amonte, and Chris O'Sullivan, though I doubt Chris would be at the same tourney given his much later career at BU.

Defkit said...

Could the guy on the right be Tkachuk? Coesn't look tall enough, but this would be a year before he came to BU, at least, so maybe he sprouted late. Looks like him when I really look up close.

Terrier Blogger said...

Sorry, z-brilliance. defkit is right. It's McGinnis, not Guerin. And McEachern, Amonte and Tkachuk.

Blog contributor srsterrier also correctly identified all four players, but ran into some posting problems.

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