Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Beanpot’s identical twin

Journalist and Terrier fan Jon Brodkin has contributed a news feature on the history of the Beanpot trophy, which began as a ceramic beanpot and now is in its second generation as the silver prize four local college teams seek every February.

Four decades younger, the Beanpot trophy’s replica shines as bright as the original

By Jon Brodkin, BU 2000

On Monday night, a famous, sparkling trophy called the Beanpot will be awarded to the best college hockey team in Boston.

The trophy will be instantly recognizable to fans of Boston University or Boston College, but it is not the same one skated around the ice by the heroic likes of Mike Eruzione, Jack O’Callahan, John Cunniff, Wayne Turner and Chris Drury.

Although the tournament began in 1952, the actual trophy presented to modern day winners was made less than five years ago. After decades of wear and tear, and the occasional incident involving a winning team misplacing the trophy, Beanpot tournament officials decided the original pot was too precious to risk any further. Full story

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