Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Drive For Five Was Realized

The following retrospective on the Terriers' playoff journey, climaxed by the dramatic events in Washington, D.C., was prepared by blog contributor mh82, who also authored the Terrier Tales articles about the 1977-78 season and BU in the Big Apple, which are linked in the sidebar.

“That wasn’t a hockey game out there tonight.
That was something different.”

Coach Jack Parker, following BU’s 8-7 loss to
Northern Michigan in triple overtime in the 1991 NCAA final.

Not even the sight of players in white jerseys with scarlet trim gathering in a euphoric mass against the glass was convincing enough. At least not right away. Had it all really played out in such a dramatic manner, or was this just pushing the bounds of reality?

The mood swing in the building and plot twist on the ice were almost too much to comprehend. Just over a week has passed and yet it’s still hard to believe the sudden turn of events that unfolded on the ice at the Verizon Center on a wild Saturday night in Washington. Even the victors admitted as such over three days later.

Less than an hour before the game’s conclusion, I had sat in front of the TV feeling a sense of disappointment for the players and coaches, resigned to the fact that after carefully carving out a season's worth of accolades (with accompanying trophies as proof) by answering the bell with big win after big win, perhaps the final step to the peak of the NCAA hockey mountain just wasn’t meant to be for this 2008-09 BU hockey team, one that had already tied the single-season school record of 34 victories. Was this going to add up to another frustrating NCAA Championship Game loss, the school’s fourth since 1991?

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