Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parker: "Wow, What a hockey game, What a finish."

Video highlights of the post-game press conference:
BU season timeline
Weighart: Cardiac kids
2008-09 Season in Photos
Send congratulations to the Terriers
Post-game press conference transcript ("Burn the Boats" explained on page 4)

Celebration: Jack Parker addresses Terrier fans at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel


Todd said...

All great stuff Terrier Blogger, but I was watching on ESPN and even though Gary Thorne's winning call is good, I would very much like to hear Bernie Corbett's radio call. The guy's been bleeding BU red for years and I know his championship call must have been memorable. If there is any way you can link Corbett's call it would be much appreciated. (And if you didn't know, BU alum Sean Grande was calling the game for NCAA radio, I'm sure his OT call wasn't too bad either.)

Jay G said...

What a season!

You guys consistently do a great job. I come here daily to see what is happening with the program. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...
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